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Year in Review: Amazon Brand Analytics

Year in Review: Amazon Brand Analytics

Sellers on the Amazon marketplace sold $200 billion worth of products in 2019. The Amazon marketplace is so large if it were its own country it would rank as the 50th largest economy in the world. In our next few posts, we will dive into the 2019 year in review recently published by Marketplace Pulse. With that said, let’s jump right into it starting with Amazon Brand Analytics.

Brand Analytics

Launched in 2019, Brand Analytics enabled third-party marketplace sellers who registered with Brand Registry to make data-informed decisions. Previously, this data was available to vendors using the Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) in Vendor Central with an annual subscription starting at $30,000 and is now a free benefit. As defined in the Amazon Brand Registry Terms of Use, today, the ABA Service is provided by the applicable Amazon Contracting Party and any of its applicable Affiliates.

Amazon Search Terms Report

  • This report identifies the top search terms that shoppers use on Amazon and the top three products that customers clicked on after searching that term. This report also includes the top three products, click share and conversion share.

Market Basket Analysis Report

  • This report shows the top three products purchased at the same time as the brand’s products.

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior Report

  • This report shows the five products that shoppers most frequently viewed during the same day as the brand’s products and the top five products a shopper most frequently purchased instead of the brand’s product on the day that they saw them.

Demographics Report

  • Includes age, household income, education, gender, and marital status.

Amazon Attribution Report

  • This report measures sales and marketing impact across media channels off Amazon.


Amazon Brand Analytics provides brands with valuable insights to understand competitors, customers, and Amazon as a whole. The search terms report provides transparency into what most shoppers on Amazon are looking for and which products convert best. This data comes in handy when launching new products as well as to how to better advertise on Amazon.

Make sure to stay tuned there is still much more to come. Next week we will continue our deep dive into the 2019 year in review with Unbranded Search.

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2020 Amazon Referral Fee Changes

2020 Amazon Referral Fee Changes

In 2019 Amazon invested more than $15 million in infrastructure, programs, people, and 150 new tools and services to help sellers grow their brand and businesses. Amazon has also invested billions to expand its Free One-Day- Delivery. This was the largest one-year investment that Amazon has ever made in FBA. The e-commerce giant says that they will remain committed to continue the success for sellers on the platform. In 2020, Amazon explains that it will only make moderate increases of about 3% in fulfillment fees, which is below the industry average. Select referral fees will also be decreased and Amazon will be adding a new selection program.

Fee Change Highlights

  • US Referral Fees
    • Amazon will reduce the referral fee percentage for Shoe, Handbag & Sunglass products priced above $75 from 18% to 15%. The referral fee percentage will be reduced for outdoor furniture items from 15% to 10% on any portion of the total sales price above $200.
    • Amazon will reduce the referral fee percentage for personal care appliances from 15% to 8% for items with a total sales price of $10 or less. Items with a total sales price above $10 for the category will be unaffected.
    • Activewear clothing will be charged the referral fee percentage of 17% for the clothing category.
    • The Amazon Business tiered fee structure for total product values above $1,000 will be discontinued.
  • US Fulfillment by Amazon Fees
    • Amazon will implement moderate increases in fulfillment fees, just over 3% on average.
    • Amazon will eliminate the $0.40 per-unit surcharge for clothing, and instead create a fee schedule specific to clothing items.
    • For Small and Light FBA, Amazon will consolidate the order handling, Pick & Pack, and weight-handling fees into a single per-unit fulfillment fee.
    • Monthly inventory storage fees from January to September will increase by $0.06 per cubic foot for standard-size items. According to Amazon, this change will first be reflected in April 2020 charges for storage that occurs in March 2020.
    • Amazon will charge per-unit fees by weight for removal and disposal fees.
    • Amazon will increase the fee for the optional FBA label service from $0.20 per unit to $0.30 per unit.

FBA New Selection Program

Last March, Amazon initiated a promotion offering free monthly storage and removals for new-to-Amazon ASINs, subject to limitations. Based on the success of the promotion, Amazon is creating a new program called the FBA New Selection Program.

  • This new, enhanced program will offer:
    • Free monthly storage
    • Free removals
    • Free FBA returns processing for a limited time.
  • Sellers new to FBA:
    • Inbound transportation discount.
    • Program is subject to limitations
    • Eligible sellers must opt-in
  • New Program Launch:
    • The new program will launch April 1, 2020, in the US, Europe, and Japan.


With over $15 million invested in infrastructure, programs, people, and 150 new tools and services, Amazon remains committed to helping sellers grow their brand and businesses on the platform. In 2020, fulfillment fees will increase but will remain below the industry average of about 3%.

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What is Vacation Mode on Amazon?

What is Vacation Mode on Amazon?


The holiday season for Amazon Sellers can get a little crazy around this time of year. Need to take some time off for the holidays or just need a little time to yourself? If you’re a seller on Amazon, the Amazon Vacation Settings mode can help you grow your business while your away. This feature allows sellers to take a break from their business without losing any sales.


Amazon Vacation Settings


  • With this tool, sellers have the option to put their account on hold without closing it down.
  • Sellers using Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) with Amazon vacation settings can deactivate their listings. Amazon takes up to 36 hours to remove your listing from the website. Reactivating your listing can be done whenever you’re ready from your Seller Central account.
  • Sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) vacation mode allows you to keep your listing active. This is a great way for sellers on the platform to continue to sell and grow brand awareness. This will require the seller to monitor their listings to ensure productivity.   


 How to Set Up Amazon Vacation Settings


  • Inside Seller Central
    • Click on settings
    • Account info
    • Listings Status – (Going on holidays?)
    • Switch listing status to inactive


Setting Inventory to Zero


  • Your customers will be unable to make purchases until you go back and change the inventory level. This is a great option if you plan to be gone for a longer period.
    • Click inventory
    • Manage inventory
    • Set Available: 0


Change Handling Time


  • Manage your listing delivery times. These changes depend on how you initially set up your handling times. To change all your listings at one time you can upload an excel file. If you are uploading your listings one by one you will have to check each listing and change the time individually.
    • Manage Inventory
    • Action
    • Edit Details
    • Handling Time




With the hectic holiday season upon us the Amazon Vacation Settings feature is perfect for when you need to take some time off from your business. Amazon Vacation Settings helps businesses on the platform to create and maintain customer retention.


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Top 2 Questions to Ask Your Amazon Consulting Agency

Top 2 Questions to Ask Your Amazon Consulting Agency

It’s no secret, Amazon is dominating the online marketplace. The shopping platform is becoming more competitive each day. An Amazon Consulting Agency may just be what your business needs to add that competitive edge. Winning on Amazon can be difficult, with an Amazon consulting expert as your partner, your business can maintain a healthy road to success. Now, the major question here is how to select the best consulting agency for your business? In this blog post, we will reveal the top 2 questions that you need to ask your Amazon Consulting Agency.

1 – What differentiates them from other agencies?

The benefits of partnering with an expert Amazon Consulting Agency is an overall increase in sales and revenue. At Channel Key, we help you develop a Best-in-Class Amazon Business. Success or failure on Amazon depends on many different factors. You must understand all key components of the business from inventory management to advertising, all the way down to operations.

If all these functions aren’t operating simultaneously, you’re going to have a harder time being successful and your business may become stagnant if your team does not understand all the tools that are available to you.

At Channel Key, the three things that differentiate our company are our pedigree, boutique experience, and proprietary processes. Our pedigree stems from over a decade of direct strategy management and successful execution on the Amazon platform with a quarter billion in cumulative sales. The boutique experience that every brand receives is the paramount focus and pro-active mindset to detail, communication, quality over quantity and brand goals. Our proprietary processes ensure a consistent approach that creates alignment and generates maximum results.

2 – What can your business expect regarding growth and performance?

There are several focus areas for an Amazon consultant, from search engine optimization to pay-per-click. At Channel Key, we guarantee that we are going to position your listing and your brand in a Best-In-Class way. Every client has a different strategy, goals and KPI’s so it’s hard to give an exact number for success. However, what we can do is provide case studies, testimonials, and white papers to show what we have been able to do for other clients. We help uncover some of that growth potential during our sales process to give potential clients an idea of what they can expect when we start working together.

Want to know your growth potential on Amazon? Based on your goals and category determine what your potential is on Amazon. Build your Amazon growth plan with our growth plan calculator. It’s fast, free, and will give you amazing insights in seconds. Click here.


When selecting the best Amazon Consulting Agency for your business it’s very important to ask the right questions. Asking transparent questions will help in guiding you to an agency that is compatible with your business.

If you need a winning Amazon strategy or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Channel Key Amazon consultants.  As a Full-Service Amazon Agency, we are dedicated to helping you increase your sales.

We hope that this post was insightful. If you have any additional questions leave a comment below, we’ll be there, we’ll respond, and we will help you through the process. If you found this post to be helpful, please like, share, comment, and tell other people about it.

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Holiday Recap, Results & Trends

Holiday Recap, Results & Trends

Holiday Results

  • Cyber Monday sales this year sky rocked, with a record $9.4 billion spent in total, showing an increase of 18.9% from last year. Black Friday pulled in a record of $6.22 billion in e-commerce sales while E-commerce sales on Thanksgiving Day totaled $3.7 billion.

Channel Key Stats

At Channel Key our clients experienced the same record-breaking holiday sales weekend. Listed below are our YoY stats.

  • Avg TACoS: 17.45%
  • YoY BF Weekend Growth: 73.44%
  • Avg Conversion Rate: 6.63%

Holiday Trends

  • The internet is where shoppers are looking for deals for the holidays. E-commerce growth is predicted to represent about 63% of overall retail growth. Spending on smartphones has significantly gone up. According to data released by Adobe Analytics, more than 50% of shoppers visiting retail websites on Cyber Monday came from smartphones. Adobe explains that consumers took advantage of features like buy online and pick up in-store.
  • Amazon stated that it had a “record-breaking” holiday weekend for sales. Based on the number of items sold on Cyber Monday marked the biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history. The company said shoppers bought more than 18 million toys and more than 13 million fashion items from Amazon on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.


E-commerce was booming this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Adobe predicts that shopping on smartphones will account for 47% of the overall US retail holiday growth. According to Adobe, Cyber weekend 2019 revenue will break $29B, 20% of the total holiday season’s revenue.

NPHY Drop-In-Center

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY)

 At Channel Key, we support our community and culture is a vital part of our core values. We believe in people helping each other grow and succeed. Our team recently had the chance to spend some time at the NPHY Drop-In Center, with Christmas right around the corner, there’s been a ton of holiday donations and we were more than happy to lend a helping hand to help prepare for their “It’s a Wrap” holiday event.


About NPHY

As the most comprehensive service provider for the thousands of young people experiencing homelessness in our community, NPHY provides access to life-changing services for homeless youth 24 hours a day at virtually every street corner in Southern Nevada.

At NPHY their wraparound programs stabilize young people’s lives, meeting their immediate needs and providing a safe, supportive environment and a path to self-sufficiency. Their individualized, holistic services empower young people to not only achieve long-term independence but to craft the futures they want for themselves.

To strengthen and complement their high-quality direct services for homeless youth, NPHY is dedicated to advocating for the Vegas Valley’s homeless youth population and serves as a leader in systems-level efforts to eliminate homelessness among Nevada’s youth.

Volunteer With NPHY

  • If you want to get involved you can volunteer at NPHY by filing, cleaning, and re-stocking their food, hygiene, and clothing pantries, sharing your skills and talents with the youth they serve, mentoring homeless and at-risk young people and/or participating in special projects. If you are an individual interested in volunteering with NPHY alone, it is required that you attend a mandatory orientation session.
  • Volunteer orientations are offered on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 5 pm to 6 pm at the NPHY Drop-In Center. For more information on how you can get involved click here.


We encourage everyone to get involved in the community this holiday season. Volunteering is easy and helps our community move forward. To learn more about NPHY click here

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution

­­­­Amazon Attribution enables you to measure the impact of search, social, display, email, and video media channels based on how consumers discover, research, and buy your products on Amazon. This measurement solution tool provides brands selling on Amazon with a sales performance analysis across media channels off the platform. With reporting on-demand, Amazon Attribution provides advertisers and brands with the insights needed to optimize their media campaigns and increase product sales. According to Amazon, the attribution model also provides insights into how individual marketing tactics add to a brand’s consumer shopping activity on the platform.

Conversion Metrics Include:

  • Amazon detail page views
  • Purchase rate
  • CTR
  • Add to cart
  • Sales

Amazon Attribution Eligibility Requirements

  • US Amazon vendor with active vendor code or codes
  • Brand registered US Amazon seller and owner
  • Advertising in channels outside of Amazon

Amazon Attribution is found within the Demand Side Platform console. If you do not have an advertising account and want to sign up check out By using existing Seller Central credentials, you can also automatically link to your campaign manager.

Attribution allows reporting of both orders and revenue for traffic off Amazon. Traffic brought directly to Amazon can be measured as well as traffic to a site that will later convert on Amazon. Traffic can be measured from almost any source. These sources include Impressions for rich media and paid social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Unique tracking templates can be created through orders and line items for performance reporting. Sellers can create attribution tags that can be directly placed in their ads. Parameters within the URL that captures data measures the attributions upon an ad click.

Creating Tags

  1. Create an order in your advertising account.
  2. Assign as many ASINs as you want.
  3. Name line item.
  4. Select publisher and insert URL to the product being advertised.
    • Up to 100 publishers to choose from.
  5. Once saved copy URL tag to use in advertising for each publisher.
    • Ensures accurate reporting for the ad.


By leveraging Amazon Attribution, you can quickly optimize your brand strategy investment and generate a greater ROI for your business. Amazon Attribution enables brands with the opportunity to create multi-channel marketing campaigns with more aggressive advertising off the platform to increase traffic and sales.

We hope that this post was insightful. If you have any additional questions leave a comment below, we’ll be there, we’ll respond, and we will help you through the process. If you found this post to be helpful, please like, share, comment, and tell other people about it.

Ready to find out how you can accelerate your Amazon sales? Need immediate advice or assistance with Amazon strategies? Talk to our Channel Key team. Thank you for reading.

Amazon DSP

Leveraging Amazon Demand Side Platform

If you want to reach your audience and gain more customers, the Amazon Demand Side Platform might be just what you need to give your business a boost. 

What is the Amazon Demand Side Platform?

  • Amazon DSP is a display advertising platform that enables advertisers to programmatically reach audiences by strategically buying display and video ad placements. DSP pricing is automated and based on a dynamic pricing model. 
  • With DSP you can drive awareness across the buyer’s journey and use various methods to retarget your audiences. 


  • Growing Awareness with DSP:
    • DSP operates throughout the entire advertising funnel from start to end. Retargeting with DSP allows you to keep your brand in the mind of all prospecting customers.
      • Upper-funnel Visibility:
        • Increases the number of your targeted audience.
        • Must have retail readiness.
          • High-quality product images
          • Bullet point descriptions optimized
          • Have a 3.5-star rating   
  • Audience Examples:
    • In-market – Connect with consumers who are actively researching or comparing products across display networks, publisher and partner sites. 
    • Retargeting/Remarketing – Ads display to prospecting consumers who have previously engaged with your brand.   
    • Lookalike – customers that have a higher probability of acting or converting into a buyer based on their last 30 days of browse, search or buying behavior heavier.
    • Lifestyle – Interest groups that reflect lifestyle audiences. These audiences can be used to embed your brand in the mind of consumers that have often shopped for products like yours.

How Amazon DSP Works

  • Exclusive Audience Access – Reach your ideal audience on and off the platform by using exclusive Amazon audiences to re-engage and educate customers.
  • High-quality Inventory – With Amazon DSP you can reach your audiences programmatically across Amazon-owned sites and apps.
  • Example – IMDb, Fire TV, Kindle, apps and leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third-party exchanges.
  • Brand Safeguards – Amazon uses both its own and third-party solutions, from manual site reviews to real-time bid evaluation, to uphold the quality standard and brand safety. 

Forms of DSP Ads 

    • Amazon DSP
      • Advertisers can efficiently reach Amazon shoppers on Amazon sites, across the web, and mobile apps.
    • Mobile Interstitial Ads
      • Mobile Amazon DSP publishers can choose to display full-screen interstitial ads in their app, instead of or in addition to banner ads.
    • Desktop/Mobile Web Display
      • Amazon DSP includes standard sizes for display on Amazon and other sites around the web.
    • Mobile banner Ads
      • Amazon DSP Mobile enables display advertisers to reach and target mobile users on third-party mobile applications on Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS platforms.
    • Video Ads
      • Using Amazon DSP advertisers can serve five-second in-stream and out-stream video ads in MP4, WebM, or FLV format.

Who can use Amazon DSP?

  • DSP is available to both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and those who don’t. Amazon recommends that DSP is best suited to advertisers who seek to programmatically buy display and video ads at scale.   

How to get started

  • With Amazon DSP self-service and managed-service options are available. 
  • Self-service – As a self-service customer you are in full control of your campaigns, and there are no additional management fees. 
  • Managed-service – This is a great option as a solution for companies that want access to Amazon DSP inventory with white-glove service or those with limited programmatic experience. This option does require a minimum spend of $35,000.


Leveraging Amazon DSP can help your business excel by reaching your target audience and converting more sales. We hope that this post was insightful. If you have any additional questions leave a comment below, we’ll be there, we’ll respond, and we will help you through the process. If you found this post to be helpful, please like, share, comment, and tell other people about it.

If you need immediate advice or assistance with Amazon strategies? Talk to our Channel Key team. Thank you for reading.

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2020 E-commerce Business Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Revamp Your E-commerce Business in 2020

Alteration to your online business is needed to stay up to date with modernization within the E-commerce industry. Keep your community of consumers happy with these must-know tips and ideas to reinvent your E-commerce business in 2020.


  • It’s never a bad idea to conduct market research. In fact, conducting market research helps businesses strengthen their position and minimize investment risk. Well-informed decisions can then be made regarding your business and strategically planned and implemented.


  • By offering a small number of relevant products that will resonate with your consumer base, you can eliminate customer confusion. Sometimes too many product selections can be overwhelming for shoppers and can ultimately add negative effects to the overall customer shopping experience.


  • To really succeed, you will have to experiment. Take into consideration neighboring product categories that have a high probability of attracting new customers. This may also enhance the overall shopping experience for existing customers and entice their buying decisions.


  • Launching new E-commerce sites can be a great idea for testing new pricing structures and product catalogs and overall brand design.


  • Implementing influencer marketing for your online business is a great way to reinforce your social strategy. Quickly improve brand awareness and build trust with your community by enhancing your content strategy. Influencers can reach your target audience and provide incredible value.


  • Most consumers are unsure of exactly what they want when visiting an online store. Often prospecting customers have an idea of what they want but aren’t necessarily 100% on exactly what product they will purchase. By guiding the customer through the selling experience, you can help them seamlessly find products that better fit their needs.


  • Retailers of all shapes, sizes, products, and categories are increasing the number of customizable products being sold. Customizable products add personalization for shoppers. Typically, customers will pay more for items unique to their interests.


  • Consider exploring alternatives to improve your store search results. These alternatives can include new product optimized search engines. Utilize filtering options that are structured to how your customer base will browse.


  • Create and launch new search result campaigns based on category list pages that offer filters with multiple sorting. Utilize and enable an “add to cart” button next to each product on those pages. Artificial intelligence or AI can also be used to drive upsells and cross-sells. Data collected by machine learning intelligence can be used to predict consumer behaviors. This allows you to forecast and plan the next best product to display to your customers. There are a few AI-powered product recommendation tools that are available.
  • AI tools help you create a unique online shopping experience for your visitors so that you can make more sales. Below are a few examples of some great personalization tools that can help your E-commerce business excel.
    • OptinMonster- Allows you to create:
      • Personalized exit-intent popups to help you recover lost revenue from shopping cart abandonment
      • Floating headers to promote your flash sales and deals, with countdown timers personalized to each visitor
      • Coupons and other lead generation offers, which are based on visitor behavior, so you can convert hesitant shoppers into email subscribers for future email marketing.
    • Monetate- Is known as one of the best E-commerce personalization tools:
      • offers intelligent customer segmentation, personalization, and individualized product recommendations. This allows retailers to personalize in a range of ways, including personalizing for everyone.
    • Barilliance- Offers personalization throughout the customer journey:
      • As well as online personalization and product recommendations, it includes cart abandonment and customer retention tools. Barilliance also includes live shopping notifications and It promises a 5-minute setup process.
    • Evergage- Track visitor behavior on your site and mobile apps:
      • Offer the right products, messages, and incentives at the right time. Like other E-commerce personalization platforms, Evergage also lets you personalize content and product recommendations so you can boost engagement, sales, and ROI.


  • In addition to offering standard debit and credit card payment options, testing out new payment methods can be appealing to shoppers and influence their buying decisions at checkout. Consider utilizing hosted payment platforms. Some of these platforms include Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Another option to consider for payment are financing platforms like Quadpay and Klarna.


  • Add a Q&A section to your E-commerce site to list common shopper queries. This will drive conversions, boost organic search traffic, and help customers make informed choices, which will lower returns.


  • Use social media to connect and interact with your community. Leverage multiple social media platforms to create a virtual event space for your customers. In 2020 social media can be used as a free way to communicate directly with your target audience and grow your brand awareness. Want to learn more about growing a loyal customer base and building your online community? Click here.


  • Nowadays everyone is on their phones. Ensure that your E-commerce site is mobile friendly with fast loading times and is accurately displaying between desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. 
  • Utilize mobile to increase your visibility. The best pro about having a mobile-friendly website is that you can reach a wider audience. Responsive websites make online shopping and sharing simple and visitors are more likely to share on their social platforms.


  • Apps are a great way to create and build a community. Building a mobile app for your business mainly impacts customer loyalty. A mobile app allows a business to directly communicate with its customers. In-app purchases, ads, and promotions have a powerful impact on customers.




  • Find new and innovative ways to connect with your customers after they have made a purchase. This will add value to their shopping experience and hopefully keep them coming back. It’s as simple as sending a follow up thank you email or a coupon for their next purchase.


  • Your goal should always be to continue to better understand your customers. Incorporate personalization to build out content that your customers will connect with and respond to. 


  • Subscriptions can be a great way to secure future business. The subscription business model is based on the idea of selling a product or service to receive monthly or yearly recurring subscription revenue. This model focuses on customer retention over customer acquisition.


  • Ensure your site is packed full of high-quality product photos. A great product image on your site will help shoppers make decisions on whether to place an order. Product images also tell the consumer what they can expect. Having great product visuals will boost engagement and interaction as well as sales. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Show all necessary viewing angles
    • Have at least one close-up image
    • Show shoppers a photo for each color or style you offer for a product
    • Give the shopper a way to zoom in on any part of your products


In conclusion, getting a bit more innovative with your online business is never a bad option. If your goal is to stay up to date with modernization and increase your sales, then a healthy innovative strategy is necessary. There are a plethora of tips and tools to help elevate your business and build brand awareness. Things within the E-commerce industry are steadily changing, so make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

To us, you’re not just one of many—you’re unique, and your business is unique. That’s why at Channel Key we focus on the details, communication, and goals.

We’ve worked long and hard developing a powerful system that leads to maximum results for our clients. There’s a lot included in our process—technology, training, strategy—and it works.

What do we have that the other guys don’t? Experience and success. Tons of it. More than a decade of strategic management and successful execution on Amazon—with a quarter-billion dollars in cumulative sales.

We can provide your brand with a detailed marketplace analysis. With this, we can provide insights and a strategy to help your business boost sales, conversion rates, and highlight opportunities for future sales and growth. We’ll give you what you need to increase your revenue year-over-year.

We hope that this post was insightful. If you have any additional questions leave a comment below, we’ll be there, we’ll respond, and we will help you through the process. If you found this post to be helpful, please like, share, comment, and tell other people about it.

If you need immediate advice or assistance with Amazon strategies? Talk to our Channel Key team. Thank you for reading.

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