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2019 Year in Review: Advertising on Amazon Update

2019 Year in Review: Advertising on Amazon Update

According to Marketplace Pulse, some brands believe increasing advertising on Amazon, and other shopping platforms is a detriment to the consumer experience as product search has little room left for the most relevant, organic results and cost-per-click (CPC) on Amazon is perpetually rising, forcing brands to increase product prices or reduce profits.

Last year Amazon helped brands advertising on its marketplace. Hundreds of brands utilized Amazon Attribution which was launched in beta in 2018. This feature has been updated to maximize your return on investment and increase product sales.

Amazon says that this was the first time that you could accurately measure the impact of search, social, display, email, and video media channels based on consumer interaction through product research, discovery, and products purchased on the platform. The company felt that with the number of consumers devoting time and effort towards product research and review, optimizing this point of the process was critical to achieving campaign success.


With this console, brands have access to cross-channel attribution to better understand the performance of their full digital media portfolio. Amazon highlighted that the best part of this feature was that sales attribution and return on investment (ROI) measurement no longer needed to come in the form of a post-campaign report. With Amazon Attribution, on-demand access is enabled to conversion reporting. With this real-time analysis, brands have the opportunity to optimize their campaigns, maximize ROI and limit wasteful impressions.

Advertising on Amazon enables brands to launch and shoppers to discover new products. Amazon advertising is growing beyond performance marketing in the form of sponsored products. Marketplace Pulse explains that Amazon is going after ad budgets under CMOs, looking for a more holistic advertising strategy and not just bottom-of-the-funnel ads where a click leads to a sale. To serve those, Amazon continues to invest in retargeting, metrics such as “new to the brand,” attribution on non-Amazon channels, video ads, branded store pages, Instagram-like posts, Kindle, and Fire TV ads, and packaging.


That wraps up our deep dive into the 2019 Year in Review with Marketplace Pulse. We hope that this series of posts was insightful. If you have any additional questions leave a comment below, we’ll be there, we’ll respond, and we will help you through the process. If you found this post to be helpful, please like, share, comment, and tell other people about it.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please reach out to one of our Channel Key consultants.


Improving Your Amazon Seller Experience

Improving Your Amazon Seller Experience

Marketing products and selling on Amazon can be challenging at times and is very different from advertising products from your own website. Here at Channel Key, we are dedicated to helping your business grow on Amazon and we are here to help.

Today we will be answering a question that we have seen floating around the social web. With that said, we are happy to present our first Amazon question of the week,

How can you improve your Amazon seller experience?

This is a great question! As you may already know, many new Amazon sellers end up failing in their first few months! Product listings, customer service, and order fulfillment requirements can be overwhelming if you don’t have a unique and well thought out strategy set in place.

Although one may be able to successfully post their products on Amazon, they would still need to know how to drive traffic, maximize conversion rates, win the buy box, and use social media and external links to maximize effectiveness.

Here are 3 quick tips to improve your Amazon seller experience!

  1. Product Listing Title Optimization – Consumers on amazon make buying decisions based on your product listing title. Amazon wants your title to be short direct, and descriptive.
  2. Stay up to date with Amazon Guidelines – Listing requirements on Amazon are always changing. As a seller on the marketplace, it is important to stay up to date with listing rules and requirements. For additional information click here.
  3. Optimize your sales funnel – By optimizing your sales funnel it will allow you to establish value in the mind of the customer for them to purchase your products.

Ultimately If you truly want to succeed on Amazon it takes consistent daily management, optimization, and data consumption. If your goal is to increase your sales, you might want to consider a pathfinder to guide you on your journey. Channel Key can help you find the way toward stronger sales and a healthier return-on-investment.

At Channel Key, we have a full team of Amazon experts and have more than 30+ years of combined marketplace experience. To learn more about how your Amazon strategy can be refined contact or click here.



Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Launches New Sponsored Display Ads

On September 12th Amazon announced the launch of Sponsored Display! This is a new self-service advertising solution that helps you grow your business!

Here’s what you need to know!

Sponsored display grows your business by reaching relevant audiences on and off the Amazon marketplace. This new self-service feature is available in beta to all professional sellers, vendors, and agencies who sell on Amazon. According to Amazon, this feature was built to empower advertisers of all sizes who sell on the platform to expand their reach through display advertising that is not only easy to create but also easy to manage with auto-generated creatives and optimized performance.


By reaching the right audience for your business, sellers can increase product awareness and demand across the web, widening the scope beyond users actively shopping on Amazon. With the new Sponsored Display feature, you are clicks away from creating ad campaigns that promote your entire product catalog. Advertisers in the US can access product display ads, audience, and product targeting features.

There are no additional actions required. According to Amazon advertising,
all Product Display Ads will be part of the Sponsored Display. You can expect these changes to come to additional marketplaces throughout the fall.

If have any questions or would like additional information, please reach out to one of our Channel Key consultants. And If you like this post please feel free to comment, like, share, tell other people about it.

Want more information on Amazon Sponsored Display Ads, click here


Selling on Amazon – Opportunities and Obstacles

Selling on Amazon – Opportunities and Obstacles

If you want increased exposure for your products, selling on Amazon may be the solution that you need for your brand.

Do you want to expand your online presence beyond your store and start selling your products on Amazon? Amazon accounts for 44 percent of all online sales in the United States. If you have a brand of any size selling products online, Amazon is a channel where you must have a comprehensive strategy.

An Amazon marketplace strategy is a bonus for retailers. There are a variety of things that need to be considered when debating whether your business should or should not take that initial step into the world of Amazon. This includes the category of products that you sell and the intensity of competitors within your space. Restrictions and fees based on your marketplace, and so on.

Of course, there will be opportunities and obstacles that apply overall. In this post, we will examine some of those opportunities and obstacles, so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Opportunities for Selling on Amazon

High Traffic Channel

The scale of Amazon’s presence online is massive. This is the main factor that draws sellers into the marketplace.

Amazon brings in close to 184 million visitors a month! That is a ton of visibility. And that visibility converts into a higher sales volume for your business.

It has been reported by Amazon sellers that once they join the Amazon marketplace they receive an increase in sales by 50%.

Procure New Customers

Initially, there aren’t too many people visiting Amazon looking for your store. However, they could possibly be searching for and stumble upon your products.

Products that they were most likely not aware of, or that they could have purchased from competitors.

Discovering new customers through the Amazon marketplace opens the opportunity to win repeat business. How do you win repeat business?

That’s easy, by providing outstanding service and fulfillment. When selling products in a space that depends on frequent, repeat purchases, such as hobby supplies.

Believe it or not, Shopping Via Marketplaces is “in”

The convenience of a diverse marketplace grabs the attention of customers that prefer that kind of shopping experience and an online marketplace provides a single-stream checkout and fulfillment support that creates a flawless experience for buyers.

Obstacles For Selling on Amazon

While there are some very beneficial factors to selling on the Amazon marketplace, there will, of course, be some obstacles that need to be considered.

Amazon Marketplace Fees

Selling on the Amazon marketplace gives you the potential to increase your sales, however by becoming a participant you will be exposed to marketplace fees.

Marketplace fees are deducted as a percentage of each sale and can vary from site to site and or category to category.

There is a chance that the numbers might just not ad up in a category that has lower margins and is highly commoditized.

Before selling your products on Amazon, be sure to have a good sense of your margins and a firm understanding of the marketplace fee structure.  

Not sure how to go about this, at Channel Key we help define your Amazon Channel Strategy based on your brand positioning and what you are trying to accomplish in the marketplace.

Limited control

The Amazon framework comes with many advantages; however, it is imperative to keep in mind that it can go both ways. Essentially, the main purpose of a marketplace is for the focus to be on the products, not the sellers.

The degree to which you can brand your presence, communicate with customers, and dictate what items you can and cannot sell, may be restricted.

The world of e-commerce has completely transformed the way people buy and sell—and Amazon is most people’s go-to place for buying products online

The problem is, there is a lot of competition on Amazon. If you’re a business or brand that currently has an Amazon presence or that wants to start an Amazon storefront, you’re probably anxious to find the best strategy for getting your product in front of customers.

By performing a detailed Amazon Marketplace Analysis, Channel Key can provide insights and a strategy to help your business boost sales, conversion rates, and highlight opportunities for future sales and growth. We’ll give you what you need to increase your revenue year-over-year.

Why Do You Need an Analysis?

Channel Key provides your Amazon storefront and brand with easy-to-follow, industry-specific resources to help further develop your storefront, brand, and products on Amazon, turbo-charging your sales and revenue.

Channel Key also provides valuable insights and technical knowledge on your business’ current performance as well as how to jumpstart sales for new products, giving you what you need to improve your ROI.


Selling on the Amazon marketplace really depends on the products your selling and the scale of your business. The marketplace allows merchants the opportunity to gain exposure and increase sales from a large volume of traffic. Although there are some obstacles to keep in mind, it’s nothing that your business can’t overcome with the right strategic plan in place. At Channel Key, we help define your Amazon Channel Strategy and positioning and what you are trying to accomplish in the marketplace.

Once defined, our team of experts will execute your strategy using our proprietary technology, expertise, and experience.

Hopefully, this post was insightful. If you’re not sure about what you should do to expand your business on the Amazon marketplace, leave a comment below, ask your questions. We’ll be there, we’ll respond, and we will help you through the process. And again if you liked the post, comment, like, share, tell other people about it.

Need more immediate advice or assistance with Amazon strategies? Talk to our Channel Key team. Thank you for reading.

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